3 killer traffic generating strategies

3 killer traffic generating strategies to get free and unlimited traffic on your blog or website

Getting traffic on website is always a big time challenge for everyone especially for newbies.

If you are starting or already started any website or blog here are few methods which I personally used many a times to gain free traffic, let me know share with you one by one.


  1. Analyse and define a niche

This is very important and first thing you need to do that is “Niche Analysis”

Niche means your specific target audience for a particular business category.

Let me take an example for you, lets say if you want to do business in health & fitness category, than your targeted people will be those who are unfit or suffering from any of health issues and looking for solutions or interested in fitness, weightless, six packs, body building, health supplement products etc.

I guess, now you know what are niche and how to analyze and target audience for their specific interest.


  1. Target your customers

As explained above about how you can define your potential users or customers, which means on the Internet, potential users or customers are already there and they searching for their specific needs.

Now question is how to validate weather potential users or customers exist or not and if exists then what is exact volume or quantity on monthly basic.

ANSWER is “Google Keyword Planner Tool”

Google keyword planner is free tool available which you can use and check your target niche by main keywords

3 killer traffic generating strategies to get free and unlimited traffic on your blog or website 1


In example the above screenshot you can see there are many similar keywords and average monthly searches.

Now, you would have understood that, you just need to create such an interesting content on your website in form of blog, ebook etc. as a solution which your target customers are searching for it.

While creating any content on website, Always to keep those keyword in heading, body, of the article.

Write a catchy title of your article addressing the problem. Grab an attention, while reading article people should click being eager to know about it.


  1. Check your competitor & learn 

Always keep watch and monitor your competitors, try to understand what your 10 established and new competitors are doing to bring free traffic. Set your own benchmarks looking at their writing style, topics and user engagements.

Try and test new idea, Bring innovative content with a story before anyone plan share and take benefit (free and unlimited traffic) of it.

Be honest and give good and ethical value or practices, I am sure will get you trust and good traffic on your website, this way you can attract new user and engage exiting users and finally you end getting free and unlimited traffic again and again.

Build a relation with your regular visitors (Traffic) they should get some value every time when they visit website. Offer free ebook, report etc.

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