5 things that google wants for SEO 1

5 things that google wants for SEO

SEO It sounds very simple but really it is not very simple in fact it has depth and technical too. As we all know that how SEO results became very competitive over the years.

In this blog i am not going to tell you the meaning of seo and basics of it. I believe that in our young generation knows most common things and and stay updated with current affairs technology and entertainment.

I am going to tell you most important points about SEO which i have discovered after failing, learning and working many years in this field.

There are top 5 things for SEO which most of important and you need to consider while doing SEO for any website.

  1. Website speed
  2. Content relevance
  3. Fresh and clean looks
  4. User engagement
  5. Popularity

Website speed  –Your website speed is the most important criteria for ranking on google top results.

I would suggest you a tool “Google Page Insight” for checking your website speed. This tool is completely free. Where you can check speed for mobile and desktop.

5 things that google wants for SEO 2

Alongwith speed testing this tool also gives offers free report and suggestion. That  means you will know exactly what do to enhance the website speed.

Content relevance – It is little thoughtful work. You need to do some research on google search and found out some of similar websites.

1. Identify your competitor and study their website from information point of view like how they are writing about their products, is it a technical information? etc..

2. Use Google keyword planner tool, It is again a free tool which you can use for

  • To find out what keyword people write to search xyz product.
  • How much time people search in a month.
  • What is competition level.

3. Now you will have an enough understanding about demand and supply to write relevant high quality content . Also you will be able to write perfect meta title, tags and keywords.

That’s how you can keep try and test different keywords. Google finds your website more authentic and revent. On the basis of what people are searching using specific keywords on Google search engine.

Fresh and clean looks – Everyone want to see fresh and nice looking website. It is not just to create a first impression on visitor but for Google to understand it better and crawl it.

  • Use always soft colours or keep white color more.
  • Try to use google fonts or keep simple fonts and readable font size.
  • Don’t put so much information, always keep website clean and be specific about subject.

User engagement – Always user engagement is one of important factor of online business success. It is based on customer or visitor behaviour, and you need to ensure following things:

  • Website should be always up and running
  • You will provide enough valuable information so that as soon as someone visits your website he/she will get attracted to your valuable information.
  • If user don’t spend time (2 to 5 minutes) on your website, which means bounce rate is going to be high. So you need to offer something great value to your visitors and increase the user engagement

Popularity –  it’s not just Google want it but everyone wants the popularity.

When Google crawl and overservs that your website is getting more organic search traffic and every user spends good time on it. That time google consider it kind of authority or celebrity or a brand and give more priority and better search rankings.

Thats where flood of traffic makes noise of your success in SEO results.

I hope you will enjoy this blog! If you have any questions feel free to ask in comment box and share with your friends.

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