Top 7 ways to use digital marketing 1

Top 7 ways to use digital marketing

Online Marketing and Digital marketing space, nowadays we have a lot of ways for promotion, you can promote anything like product, service, website, video, etc..

Let’s talk about

7 ways to use digital marketing to promote anything online

  1. Google Search Engine – Google is the world’s biggest search engine where we all and search every day related to our needs. For example “How to learn digital marketing” and google shows all the best results that are most relevant. which means you can use Google to promote anything online
  2. Youtube – It is again one of the biggest platforms as far as video content is a concern. On youtube, we all watch tutorials, interviews, and how to related stuff. So create videos of your product or services and promote it and you can also try paid ads.
  3. Facebook & Instagram – Both are most used platforms. If you scroll your feed you will find lots of ads of brands or products. Organic growth on facebook and Instagram is now very very less. but you can go for paid advertising and promote your stuff. You will get a great ROI
  4. TikTok – Fastest growing platform, If you start with TitTok, the biggest advantage that you will get is ORGANIC reach. which means it is new so there is less competition as an advertiser and TikTok also promotes it more easily. compare to facebook and youtube and other social media.
  5. Linkedin – If your goal is to reach out to business people more professional audiences than LinkedIn is the best platform and it is growing like crazy. Start putting content and find out respect people on linked and approach them based on your objectives
  6. Twitter – It is again the best platform if you have small pics of messages and content. it is a kind of microblogging works with #hastags
  7. WordPress Blog – Blog is for a long term approach if you are good at SEO. I would suggest WordPress is the world’s best platform. initially, it will take some time like 2 to 6 months but after you will notice a spike in traffic and visitors on your blog. especially when your SEO keywords start getting ranked in google and other search engines.


There is nothing is easy, so be prepared for putting lots of valuable content and give some enough time to the visitor to know about you and build trust.

Most important: Do not give up! keep hustling and try new things to be consistent in putting out the best of your work.

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