8 Must have tools to start digital marketing for your business

8 Must have tools to start digital marketing for your business

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In fact It is the one of most common questions, people have been asking me on Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc.

Yes! It is like you are going for a battle and you need some weapons to fight with your enemy right? Or in other words you can say,  a soldier is incomplete without his weapons.

I am sure, now you have a clear idea what I am trying to say.

In this article I am going to show you what are the tools that i use for growing my business, right from building my personal brand to till customer delight.

I have prepared 3 categories of my tools & gadgets:

  1. Web Hosting:
    1. Domain & Hosting – NameCheap I found it is a really good web hosting company. No virus and hacking attacks. They have great offers and support team to help customers
    2. Theme – Themeforest –  I use always Themeforest for any theme requirement because it has great collection of WordPress and other themes. I have noticed they provide instant support too incase if you have any problem in theme or any further help you need.
    3. Email Accounts – GoogleSuite  – It is one the best email solution I am using last 10 years, you can sign up and use this coupon code: C4U4QGNJHHNGCA4 so that you will get 20% off.
  2. Marketing Automation:
    1. Landing Pages – Clickfunnels – This is a great tool to create effective landingpage if you are selling any digital product like your own course or you want leads for your business.
    2. Email Marketing – Mailerlite – This is for your email marketing solutions, where you will able to build forms, email list etc. just sign up and get a $20 credit
    3. Content Writing – Fiverr – It is one of best platform where you can find appropriate talent as per your budget and requirement. There is a surprise gift you!
  3. Gadgets:
    1. Apple MacBook Pro –  If you are an apple lover this is for you. I always recommend apple computer because no virus and hacking.
    2. CANON 1300 –  If you are planning to start a youtube channel or promotional videos for your business, this is right fit camera in budget price.

I am sure these 8 tools will definitely add lots of value in your business goals.

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