[CASE STUDY] How I earned $100 with simple 4 steps 1

[CASE STUDY] How I earned $100 with simple 4 steps

As lots of people asked me on instagram and linkedin that how I earn money online. So here is my secret and all the answers that you are looking for.

I promise you end of this article you will know everything to earn money online. If you follow my actionalble steps you will earn lot of money very soon. So I need a commitment from you as well.

Ready?? comment below tell me your your first goal.

One more thing. Read this full article and take all required actions which I’m going to explain everything, just read below to get started. and ask your all questions in comment.

Lets start.. Have you ever heard about? “CJ Affiliate” No?

No problem I will tell you what is CJ Affiliate from scratch and how you can earn money online with 4 actionable steps.

Actionable steps with CJ Affiliate:

1. Setup CJ Affiliate Prgramme –  Sign up with CJ Affiliate to become a publisher

CJ Affiliate
Sign Up form on CJ Affiliate

2. Sign up Payoneer to Receive money / commission from CJ Affiliate. It wil allow you to get all your earned commission directly in your brank.

a. Simply sign up Payoneer 
b. Link with your any bank like Hdfc bank, Icici bank, Axis bank etc..
c. Once your bank is linked properly it will show “Approved”.
d. You will get bank SMS once your money gets transferred in bank account directly from Payoneer.

[CASE STUDY] How I earned $100 with simple 4 steps 2
[CASE STUDY] How I earned $100 with simple 4 steps 3

3. Find right advertisers on CJ Affiliate, look for brand and their products which is high in demand. and click on Join program

cj affiliate advertisers
List of Advertisers on CJ Affiliate

4. How to Promote Products – This is one of the most important action that you need to work on.

You can use various method to promote products like Email Marketing , Social Media, Paid Ads ect.

But I would suggest first you need to select your freinds and relavetives, just ask them what they normally buy like branded clothes, personal care products or any books or online courses.

Just give them what they want.

But here is something that you can say and offer.. product that you recommend them is branded products and with best discounted price.

Thats where poeple will turn back and buy what you recommend.., make sense??

Once you have good hands on experience you can start using other advertising and promotion methods to sell CJ affiliate products. and I am sure you will be able to earn lot of commission from CJ Affiliate.

I hope this article will help you to get started and make your first commsion, If you have any question feel free commnent here. I will reply everyone of you personally.

Wish you all the best!

Let’s be friends and connect on instagram: gautam.kalal

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