how to automate business and grow in 2019

How to automate your business

It may sound interesting or funny to you but seriously there are great ways that I am going to share with you, which will help you to learn and use to run your business on a autopilot mode.

If you’re totally newbie for the business. Or If you’re already in the business but want to start an online business.

Incase you are not having an online business than it’s going to be very interesting learning and business building experience for you.

First of all you need to setup an online business. You may need following things to get start with your legal business name, website and list goes on.

In my previous article I have already talked about how to start an online business that you can read to know more about it Checklist to start an online business in 2019

Business Automation

Let’s start real business automation step by step

Before we start let me tell you, most of the people just get excited about business automation and jump into business automation process and try for sometime and fail miserably.

Do you want to know why people failed? here are few most common reasons

  • Get into overload information diet and not having a right mentor
  • Always being in hurry, Impatience for the results
  • Not following the correct steps of execution of business automation
  • Never buy important tools for business
  • Never maintain consistency and focus fa
  • Poor business plan and not having enough funds
  • Not having right offer for their target audience

Anyway, let’s get back to the main steps of business automation, It’s a simple 5 steps process and each step is very very important. Look at below infographic of business automations steps and flow.

Let me explain all 5 steps for you once again. Some of you may find it technical but its very easy to understand.

How to automate your business 1

How to build a nice website  

You can have simple clean website with so that anyone visits your website, visitor should be able to understand core offering of your website in 5 seconds. Your core offering could be any product or service etc.  

This is a bonus tip – Normallywe all human only spend 5 seconds to judge anything looking at glance view before we make a choice. So carefully review your website and make nice engaging website. It’s kind of best practice that you need to learn and implement on your website to engage your visitor and convert into sales.

 – Normallywe all human only spend 5 seconds to judge anything looking at glance view before we make a choice. So carefully review your website and make nice engaging website. It’s kind of best practice that you need to learn and implement on your website to engage your visitor and convert into sales.

How to Get Traffic on Your Website

 It is one of the most important element of your automation and business growth. To get right traffic, you need to promote your products or services.  There are two types of traffic that you can get 1.  Paid traffic 2. free traffic.

For free traffic i would suggest SEO. recently google has changed many thing in their algorithms. You can read my recent article: 5 things thats google wants for SEO I am sure it make your SEO work easy to get free traffic.

When it comes to a paid traffic which means you need to pay to the third party. For an example if you are promoting your products on Facebook if it is a simple post then it is a free traffic that you are going to get when visits your post and click on the product link.

But if it is a paid advertisement than you can define your budget and target audience on Facebook. Facebook will charge per click and engagement basis,  similarly you can use various online platforms like instagram, linkedin, youtube and more to promote your products and get relevant traffic for your website.

How to attact vistor and get high engagement

Offer great valuable information to your visitor – When visitor visit to your website, you need to ensure that each and every visitor should spend a good amount of time on your website. For that you try many things.  You can write creatively.. Use good language make it funny so that visitor love and easily understand and find it Interesting.

How to build an email list

Its an to build a great email, for that you need to offer something very interesting for an example:  let’s say you are searching for a tax planning on google and you land on a financial website that offers similar services and suddenly you saw is a banner of free eBook about tax planning 2018.

You will definitely click on that banner and download that free eBook for tax planning 2018. This is a great way to engage user on a website and ask for the email to offering such a free ebook.

How to Send Auto Email Responder

 It is one the most important steps of your business automation. Since you have a list of email of your visitor,  now you know that those visitor are interested in your product or services that why they landed on your website and downloaded free ebook as well.

At this stage you have to be little smart and you need play with marketing strategy, You need create value product or offer.  

Like you can create combo offer. Or 50% discount festive offer. And you prepare series of emails which will be sent to respective email list.

Here is one more important thing,  you need track visitors activity. Like what product he is interested, which email clicked and checked and more, you need to understand visitors behaviour and accordingly email should be sent. For that you need to use system and tools.

Here is detailed video on How Email marketing works.

What all System & Tools you need

Here are some great tools I am going to suggest few tools which I used personally and that completely cutdown your 90% work in order to automate your business

  • Website Domain
  • Web Hosting Plan
  • Website Theme
  • Traffic Generation
  • Email List Building
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Video Editing Software

I hope this article will help you automate and grow your business to and take next level. Wish you all the best!

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Please feel free to ask your question in comments and If you find this article valuable please share and you connect with me social media @gautamkalal



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