How to rank youtube videos on google and youtube 1

How to rank youtube videos on google and youtube

If you’re in online business then creating youtube videos and writing article are basic thing to start promoting and getting visibility..

5 Facts why your youtube videos and articles are not getting rank on google, not having enough youtube views.

  1. Understand your target audience (TG) –  For an instance if you’re an engineering student and you get to read about something Pharma.  chances are very less that you would be interested about Pharma articles. So understand your TG and share relevant information.
  2. Check trending topic –  Keep your eyes open for opportunity, when there is something new in the market or suppose to come up very soon.  like Apple New iPhone, talk about it,  in a interesting way before anyone else does it. Or you can do it differently it may be a review of iPhone or some interesting tips to use New iPhone features etc.
  3. Content –  Always come up wth an unique content for your articles and youtube videos.  Thing about people those who are facing or search about specific problem and accordingly give a solutions to your target audience. Addressing the problem you can create youtube video or create nice article on blog, even you can do both same time and have an inter-link both (youtube video and blog article), Also you use social media to spread it which will help more faster to get traffic and rank.
  4. Be Consistent &  Genuine  –  Followers and subscribers are your family, always respect and thanks them for their time for watching your videos and reading your articles.  Increase standard of giving value or information that you bring, most importantly build the trust and relation with them. if something goes wrong my mistake like delay or something then apologise for that, maintain a fixed time every day post new information.
  5.  Ask for support – As you are giving value to your TG always ask for like, comment and share. You can also ask for their questions so that you come up with new article or video to address that. Always mention in youtube video or blog article that you need their love and support.

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