How to save money on facebook ads and get high conversions 1

How to save money on facebook ads and get high conversions

If you are using facebooks for your business promotion or lead generations you might have noticed that facebook has increase the cost on every objectives like reach, views, conversions, clicks and leads etc..

You might have seen that many ad on facebook and some ads perform very well and some of them not.

If you look at facebook insight you will notice surprisingly facebook ad which perform batter is always because of engagement. thats why we get high conversions at low cost. Hence it helps to save money and get high conversions

Now let me show you, how to get better user engagement and ROI on facebook ads.

Use short video with right positioning

You need to have a short video with appropriate messaging to connect with your audience for an instance, Your video should began with an impactful statement in and attention grabbing thumbnail. This is going to make huge difference for positioning.

Keep it simple and connect

Always be specific about offer and benefits, give enough valuable information without wasting time. so that your offer become acceptable but make sure you are not hard selling or pushing people to buy.

Be honest and use social proof

Never lie or manipulate, make sure your offer is transparent and honest. Focus on long-term business. You can use three testimonials covering experience and feedback. Each testimonial should not be more than 20 sec.

Craft an irresistible offer

Think like a customer and create a unique offer and value for money so that anyone can not refuse. If you can free trial that would be really great to get initial user engagement and customers very quick.

Email marketing to boost conversion with facebook pixel

If you are blogger or business owner, I am sure you will have a list of your customer’s email. Now you need to send a plan email, dont html email template.

In the plain email you need to write about your offer and screenshot of your video and landing page link.

Once you shoot the email to your list. Facebook pixel will start collecting data of everyone who visits your landing page. and showing them same ad again and again.

You will noticed that suddenly more people will start seeing your ad hitting likes and commenting on your ad.

This process will help to increase quick engagement. This is how facebook will notice organic engagement and start promoting and your ad may go viral.

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