How to publish an ebook

Publish your own eBook to create new stream of income

You might have observed and noticed that from last couple of years ebooks publishing and readers have been increased dramatically. There was a time when only print media was in fashion or option you can say physical newspaper, magazines and books were in demand.

Gradually and  after sometime, we all have been witness of newage digital era and wherein these publishers started adopting online media new websites, epapers and emagazines etc.

In the era of digital world most interesting thing happened and that was BIG change in our behaviour.

We started accepting and consuming digital assets from digital media. Matter of fact we were shifting from physical reading to digital readling.

It’s not just because of it is cost efficient but it is more handy and convenient that you can keep it in your mobile. Also whenever you feel to read you can just open on your mobile or any digital devices to access and start reading.

Hence, it is very interesting and easy write  a book, you don’t need to professional qualification to write book you can do it your own.  

If you are thinking for publish an ebook then you will enjoy this article for sure. There are many people think and get excited about writing a book or ebook but due to procrastination they failed.

Who should really publish a ebook

There are many reasons to write book for lets take some instance

  1. You would agree that it have been often seen that many people have  great talent or special skills but they shy from camera to talk about and share to inspire other people.
  2. If you are professional like speaker, coach, entrepreneur and trainer  or any doing business you must write a book. It’s not just to sell and make money money from it. But establish your credibility and gain trust in your niche.

What are the options for publishing a ebook

Currently in the market there are only 2 ways that you can choose to publish your ebook.

  1. You can go to physical book publishers out there in the market.

These traditional book publishers have certain process and policies and that you can’t avoid when you want to publish a book. You have to agree their all conditions. Finally if you see at the end publisher makes more money than you.

2. You can publish with Amazon Kindle
This is one the best way so far, wherein you get complete step by step process which you can explore and and publish your own book. That’s why it is called self publishing books.

Do you need complete guide on publishing an ebook from scratch?

Don’t worry! I have created an ebook which has almost everything that i use to create an ebook.

How to published an ebook Author: Gautam Kalal

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