10 Amazon Kindle Features You Should Be Using

They’re easy to use, but to get the most out of your Kindle, there are some features you may not know about.

Customize Text

One of the advantages of using an eReader over a physical book is you can customize the size and look of the text.

Switch to Dark Mode

Just swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the “Dark Mode” icon.

Hide Audiobooks from Your Library

The option can be found in the “Home & Library” section of the “Device Options” settings.

Organize Books Into Collection

You can organize them into “Collections,” which is sort of like having folders for your books.

Read in Landscape Mode

You can switch to horizontal “Landscape Mode” as well.

Turn Off Popular Highlight

Kindle’s “Popular Highlights” feature underlines text in ebooks when more than ten people have highlighted the passage

Add a Passcode

The passcode feature is an easy way to add a layer of security between the outside world and your library.

Transfer EPUB Book

EPUB is a common format you’ll find outside of the store, and it can be transferred to a Kindle.

Borrow Books from Your Library for Free

You can get free eBooks from your local library right on your Kindle, and all you need is a library card.

Free Up Storage Space

Kindle devices have a couple handy ways to easily clear out some extra room.