Amazon Prime Gaming launched in India

The benefit is especially curated for gaming enthusiasts.

Amazon has relaunched Prime Gaming- a paid subscription service that offers users access to range of mobile, PC and Mac games in India.

Existing, as well as new Amazon Prime members, can get instant access to monthly free games and exclusive in-game content like power-ups, skin

The new Prime Gaming comes with a host of new perk

Compared to the earlier version which was limited to only free access to in-game content on mobile games.

Prime is designed to make your life better every single day with enormous convenience, entertainment and savings that comes with a Prime membership

To claim any in-game content, Prime members can sign into their Amazon account on this link. 

Prime members can search for their favourite games and claim the available in-game content.

members can link their Prime Gaming account with the game app as a onetime effort

For customers without Prime membership, they will have to first sign up for Prime membership and follow the same steps as above.