Apple finally details what’s new in the latest AirTag

Apple has released two firmware updates for its AirTag item tracker since November.

The company was yet to detail what has changed with these updates.

In a support article on Apple’s website, the company now details what’s new in AirTag firmware updates.

Finally lets iPhone users locate an unknown AirTag with Precision Finding.

When the iPhone detects an unknown AirTag moving with the user, the person can use Precision Finding.

Apple has also enhanced notification alerts for when an AirTag separated from its owner is moving with you.

Some of these features require an iPhone 11 or later, as they rely on the U1 chip with Ultra Wideband technology.

As for AirTag firmware update 2.0.36, released on December 12

Apple says that the item tracker is automatically updated when it is in range of the iPhone.

Users can check the firmware version of their AirTags by going to the Find My app and tapping on the AirTag name.