Apple rolls out iOS 16.2 with 5G network

After the Indian government pushed Apple and other smartphone players to start enabling 5G service

Apple users in India will be able to avail 5G services in India from today with the iOS 16.2 being rolled out with the software.

Apple has made the public beta update of the same available for testing a month for select users. 

After the update users will be able to see the 5G options in network settings. 

5G promises to give users access to faster download speeds and low latency 

The company just released the beta version of iOS 16.2 which comes with many features and updates, including 5G. 

Only beta program subscribers will be able to get access to the latest iOS 16.2 update. 

Now, this also means not all eligible iPhone users will be able to get access to 5G support.

Once the iOS 16.2 update is released for stable build users, eligible iPhone users will be able to use 5G