Become the DJ with YouTube Music’s new Create a Radio feature

At the time, it was a revolutionary feature that until that point was only seen in Pandora music.

The idea is to give you more agency over what factors play into the selection.

New feature card has appeared for many users, myself included, and tapping it launches the process 

Doing so will then present you with an option to either play songs that are familiar with what you chose

The third and default option is to play a mix of both familiar and new titles.  

Additionally, there are filters that let you further manipulate the results.

you can choose only one before clicking the “Done” button and launching your very own curated radio station. 

This custom radio station can then be added to your library and it becomes an endless playlist

Pretty cool, right? My only desire is to be able to name this custom radio in the future 

Let me know if you’re mixing and matching, or if you’d rather just tap the basic radio feature and let it do its thing.