Don't Remove a Stolen iPhone From Your Apple ID

Scammers have found a new way to trick you into unlocking your stolen iPhone.

Your iPhone has some excellent anti-theft features that make it difficult for thieves to use the device.

They’ll still need your Apple ID and password to get into it and turn off

However, the information on your phone isn’t necessarily totally safe.

Since Apple’s safeguards are good enough to keep your data away from prying eye

Scammers have moved on to target the most vulnerable point in the system: you.

Several people whose iPhones were stolen have shared their experiences on Reddit.

User u/navalsquat described how the scam works: After losing possession of your phone

Facebook Marketplace or a similar secondary market, and turned it on to discover it’s jammed full of your personal data.

Everyone’s a winner! Or would be, if they weren’t actually just trying to get you to essentially give them the phone free and clear.