E-commerce will go viral on social media in 2023

One of China’s biggest exports in 2023 will be its social e-commerce phenomenon.  

TikTok, YouTube and Amazon.com are among the companies rolling out features.

There’s early evidence that selling goods over live social networking works beyond the People’s Republic. 

Viewers enjoy interacting with celebrities and so-called influencers, but the ultimate goal is clicks to buy. 

TikTok introduced the concept in the US and Britain to replicate the success of Douyin.

Live online shopping revenue will help offset shrinking marketing budgets 

US social media advertising spending, which had been growing at around 30% a year 

US social media e-commerce sales will increase 20% annually over the same span 

Amazon and others are offering shopping features at no additional cost. 

Such anecdotes are what will make e-commerce go viral on Western social media