Everything you need to know about Bluebugging and how to be safe

Have you ever left your Bluetooth on accidentally before? As it usually happens, you pair your phone to the car stereo and then forget to turn off

While the opening paragraph may seem sensational, there is a very real risk associated with leaving the Bluetooth services on your phone turned on.

What is Bluebugging? 

Bluebugging is a slang for a form of Bluetooth based attack that allows hackers to access all the features of your phone.

If you leave your Bluetooth on, and the phone is discoverable, it could potentially act as a gateway to your personal information for anyone who is within the range of ten meters from you.

Why 10 meters? Actually its more like 10 to 15 meters which is the transmitting range of a class 2 Bluetooth radio, commonly employed in modern devices.

This is not limited to just your phones either, any device with a Bluetooth radio is susceptible to this attack.

Threat actors can also extend that range by using a boosted antenna.