Google Chrome is now more RAM and energy efficient

Google has addressed Chrome's oldest problems with two new Memory Saver and Energy Saver features on the desktop.

Google Chrome on the desktop is finally becoming a lot more efficient with your system's RAM as well as battery.

Both are designed to make your web browsing experience a lot smoother.

Similar to the sleeping tabs that has been in Microsoft Edge, Memory Saver in Chrome can free up your computer's memory

This is for situations where you have a lot of media-heavy tabs open that you plan to get back to at a later point.

You'll know when memory saver is on, as you'll see a notification for it in the address bar, and an option to turn it off manually.

Google will even give you a visual indicator of how much KB worth of memory is saved.

Laptop or MacBook dips below 20%, Chrome will tweak webpages to help save that precious battery life.

There will be a visual indicator in the Chrome menu bar for Energy Saver whenever it is turned on.

Google says you'll have full control over both of these new options.