Google is working on introducing a new security option in its Chrome web browser.

Block insecure downloads option in development

Most of the Web has migrated to HTTPS, but there is still a sizeable number of sites and services that use HTTP or support it. 

Several browsers have introduced functionality to try HTTPS when they encounter HTTP connections.

What started as an extension by the EFF, is now being integrated into more and more browsers. 

Google calls it "always use secure connections". 

The option, which is disabled by default, is found under Settings > Privacy and Security > Security.

Google plans to add support for blocking insecure downloads to the feature. 

When enabled, this would block any download that originates from a HTTP source 

Chrome users will see a warning in the browser if insecure download blocking is triggered in the web browser. 

Chrome users need to enable the flag, once it is launched in Chrome, or the always use HTTPS security feature