Google Contacts for Android adds another tab 

Google Contacts has seen quite a few changes in the past year, and the latest is a new “Highlights” tab.

“Highlights” appears between “Contacts” and “Fix & manage” in the Material You bottom bar.

you get a grid of “Favorites” that fits four icons in a row.

It’s more dense than the Phone app’s “Favorites” tab

you can quickly “Add” new ones from the top-right corner.

The grid coexists with the list of Favorites at the top of the main tab. 

This is followed by “Recents,” which is a two-tab list that starts with “View recently.”

contact is accompanied by a view date, and the overflow menu lets you clear that history. 

Google Contacts is now a three-tab app that also features a navigation drawer in the main list view.

This new Highlights tab could be the primary way people use Google Contacts.