Google enables Matter on all Android device

Google has announced that Android, Google Home, and Google nest devices are now Matter-enabled.

Some of the devices to get Matter support include Google Home, Google Home Mini, Nest Hub Max, etc.

While the devices in the Google Nest and Google Home lineups are getting support for Matter through a firmware update 

The company seems to be rolling out support for Matter to Android smartphones and tablets with an update 

It means that the next time you install or update the Google Home app on your Samsung Galaxy or smartphone  it will work with Matter-compatible smart home devices.

Matter is a new smart home connectivity standard that has been developed by a number of companies across the globe.

Matter aims to enable people to connect smart home devices from various brands with each other easily.

Google’s devices support the Matter standard, you can use them to set up or connect to any Matter-enabled smart home product. 

It allows you to connect Matter-enabled devices to your home network as quickly as you would pair a set of earphones.

It also says that we’ll get to see more Matter-enabled smart products in early 2023.