LG’s Newest Generation OLED TVs Get Brighter

The new LG G3 series specifically features Brightness Booster Max, which promises to increase brightness up to 70%.

This is all thanks to how LG has applied a new light control architecture and light-boosting algorithms

The LG G3 TVs are also getting a redesign with a zero-gap design

Brightness Booster Max is also coming to LG’s next-generation Z3 OLED evo 8K TVs 

The LG C3 Series on the other hand only receives a Brightness Booster upgrade

Outside of brighter panels, LG is also introducing its 6th-gen AI processor. 

Another big feature gamers might love is multi-view which grants users a double input mode

The 48- and 42-inch versions of the LG C3 won’t get brighter panels.

LG’s 2023 TVs feature HDMI 2.1a, which enables Quick Media Switching

QMS-VRR to eliminate the black screen you see whenever you switch between devices