Google Illustrations in Contacts for Android 

Google Illustrations tool that lets you create a custom profile pic, and it’s now available in Google Contacts.

At launch, this feature let you create a custom Google profile photo for your account.

In Contacts for Android, it’s available when editing any contact.

“Illustrations” appears as the first tab next to “Google Photos” and “Device photos.” 

The collections are unchanged, but Google has certainly added more to each of the subcategories since launch.

There’s a new “Quick crops” feature that highlights interesting parts of an image 

Joins the other color tools that make Google Illustrations quite immersive. 

This change rolled out to Google Contacts fairly recently. 

Meanwhile, Google Messages introduced a branded FAB (floating action button) a few weeks ago.

“Start chat” is now accompanied by the Message logo that Google uses for the app’s Themed icon.