Google Pixel here's what to expect from next year

Google's products generally see a lot of leaks, something which has prompted the company 

Itself to pre-announce upcoming products in recent years in order to steal back some of the spotlight from leaksters.

But now, the leaksters have decided to up the game once more - let's see how Google can respond to this one. 

We're talking about a roadmap leak that reveals every smartphone the company has planned from 2023 to 2025.

Leaks really don't get any bigger than this, so let's jump right in. 

which means there's a high likelihood of them being introduced at the company's annual developer conference.

Despite having been referred to as Pixel Notepad in the past 

It looks like Pixel Fold will be the actual commercial name for Google's first foldable.

The Pixel 8 duo won't have a lot of differences compared to their predecessors. 

That said, even if these are 100% Google's plans at the moment, don't forget that plans can change, especially when looking so far ahead.