Google Chrome will start sending new releases

Starting in February 2023, Google Chrome will change up its release cycle slightly with a new “early stable” 

Announced in a blog post today, Google Chrome v110 will be the first version of the world’s most popular browser to switch to a new release schedule. 

As it stands today, new versions of Chrome are released first to the “canary” channel.

Starting with Chrome 110, Google will expand that release schedule to include a new “early stable” release

Which pushes the latest version of Chrome to users a week ahead of the full launch.

This won’t be a new opt-in release channel but rather a release schedule that will affect those enrolled in the stable update channel. 

A “small percentage” of general Chrome users will get the update a week early. 

Google explains that the reasoning for this tweak to its release schedule is to monitor the release before it hits the general public. 

This small percentage of users will essentially be Google’s “canary in the coal mine”