Here's what Google killed in 2022

Google is infamous for killing beloved projects. 

Many people’s preferred RSS feed reader all these years ago until the company killed it out of nowhere. 

Gmail client Inbox or its social network Google Plus, which garnered a small but loyal following over the years. 

Killing a bunch of famous and a few not so well-known services, just like last year.

You would probably think that Stadia should be the headliner of this list, but technically 

you can still enjoy a few more rounds with the games that you already have.

That gives you a full overview of all the 280 services recorded by it that were killed over the existence of Google. 

YouTube Originals is the last Google project killed in 2022.

That most of the shows were behind the YouTube Premium paywall before it really caught on. 

YouTube Originals were on live support for a long while and partially sold off to competitors.