Intel debuts 'world's fastest mobile processor' at CES 2023

Intel (INTC) is hitting CES 2023 with some serious swagger, announcing a new line of mobile processors

Company’s 13th-generation Intel Core chips range from the high-end HX series to the entry-level N series 

Will land in consumer laptops from a slew of manufacturers later this year. 

At the top of the spectrum is Intel’s Core i9-13980HX chip. 

That’s wildly fast for a processor, and, in most cases, unnecessary for the large majority of consumers. 

Outside of its high speeds, the HX is compatible with up to 128GB of RAM 

An absurd number that gamers and professionals in need of hardcore performance will love to see. 

Don’t expect laptops equipped with the HX chip to be cheap, though. 

These processors will end up in only the priciest laptops around. 

The 13th-generation Intel Core mobile processor family delivers unrivaled, scalable performance