LG’s new optical zoom camera for smartphones 

LG Innotek has announced a new optical zoom module for smartphones that can shift between two points. 

LG Innotek is a long name for what is honestly a pretty exciting piece of gear for future smartphone.  

Having optical zoom on a smartphone is nothing new.  

zoom becomes a hybrid of the optical performance of that lens in conjunction with digital zoom.

Something common in traditional cameras that we’ve not really seen in smartphones. 

As well as some attempts from Oppo and others. But LG’s solution looks especially interesting.

LG claims that this approach will make for “more space inside the phone” while “maintaining the high image quality” 

Samsung employs both 3x and 10x telephoto lens on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Having optical zoom on a smartphone is nothing new. 

LG has also partnered with Qualcomm to bring support for this new module to Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and teases more at CES 2023