Microsoft, Apple, Google, others that were shut down in 2022

As the year comes to an end, some applications and features also did.  

Services from various companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and so on were halted this year. 

Microsoft Internet Explorer- After 25 years, the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) has been halted. 

The company explained. “But the web has evolved and so have browsers.

Microsoft Edge is a faster, more secure and modern browser 

It was introduced 20 years ago and was a popular choice back then.

Apple that the iPhone-iPod hybrid device will not be available any longer as all its supplies have run out. 

It has put an end to the iPod product line.

Boomerang launched in 2015 and Hyperlapse launched in 2014 were pulled out too.

It was introduced back in 2019 but has now been shut after being by Google Plus.