Microsoft Accidentally Revealed Windows 12 New Interface

Microsoft shared a screenshot of an unnamed Windows user interface at its Ignite 2022 conference.

Thus, the Redmond company might have shown a preview of the Windows 12 UI.

Microsoft launched its new Surface PC lineup at the Ignite 2022 conference.  

When it comes to breaking news regarding the upcoming release of Window

The website examined this image that was in use to illustrate the Microsoft Teams application during the presentation. 

After saying that Windows 12 might launch in 2024.

The illustration in question shows a new UI. It does not look like the Windows user interface that is currently familiar to us. 

The floating taskbar is located in the lower portion of the screen. While system icons are located in the right corner.

Microsoft has been working to make the Windows UI as user-friendly as possible.  

Microsoft needs to consider the future without alienating its current user base.