Nest Hub Sleep Sensing is now free through 2023

The 2nd-gen Nest Hub was announced in March of 2021, Google said Sleep Sensing would eventually become a paid feature. 

Nest Hub’s Google Store product page was recently updated to say Sleep Sensing is “free through 2023.”

Google now “plans to integrate Sleep Sensing into Fitbit Premium” in 2024. 

Google Fit has already made it so that wrist-based heart rate data is shown alongside other Nest Hub sleep stats. 

In our experience, Soli radar-powered Sleep Sensing is quite accurate and comparable to wrist derived stats. 

The Nest Hub also tracks other sounds and light changes that might have disrupted your sleep. 

You’ll also get a room temperature readout that unfortunately remains limited to Sleep Sensing .

It’s a nice sleep tracker for those that don’t want to wear anything on their wrist.  

User already has a smartwatch they wear to sleep, it’s not clear that Sleep Sensing is valuable enough to pay for.