Samsung will give customized control over camera 

The company is looking to bring its Camera Assistant app to as many Galaxy handsets as possible. 

An announcement revealing Samsung's plans for the app is expected to be made soon. 

The app is currently available only to those using one of three Galaxy S22 series models and was first released in October.

Samsung had previously removed from the stock camera app make a comeback in the Camera Assistant app.

The app gives users the option to enable or disable HDR, soft photo texture 

The automatic lens switcher which allows the phone to pick the best lens to use based on the zoom

The app also allows users to shoot videos even while in photo mode by holding down the shutter button. 

The app will also turn off the camera automatically if it is not used within two minutes

It can also be used to set the number of photos you want to be taken once the timer goes off. 

We will try to support as many models as possible."