WhatsApp will stop working on 49 phones 

WhatsApp is ending support for nearly 49 smartphones across brands including Apple, Samsung

Every year the instant messaging platform WhatsApp ends its support for several phones and this year is no different. 

WhatsApp is also ending support for some Android phones as well as a few iPhone models. 

First reported by GizChina, the instant messaging platform, is ending support for nearly 49 smartphones

Across brands including Apple, Samsung, among many others on December 31.  

This simply means that after the stated date, users of those phones will no longer able to get updates

Including new features and security updates from WhatsApp  

It should be noted that most of the phones in the list are years old and chances are they are used by very select people.

This simply means that WhatsApp ending support shouldn’t worry most smartphone users out there. 

Now, you can check out the list of 49 smartphones that will no longer able to run WhatsApp after December 31