YouTube is testing Add To Queue feature

YouTube is testing the new feature for Android and iOS. 

The YouTube desktop already has the ‘Add To Queue’ feature that lets you add videos that you would like to watch.

When you use the ‘Add To Queue’ feature, it gets added to a list below your mini-player. 

Currently, on Android and iOS, you can use the ‘Save To Watch later’ or ‘Save To playlist’ features.

However, using these features saves the video permanently, and you need to manually delete them.

Adding a video to a queue is temporary, negating the need to manually remove it later. 

Once the feature goes live for Android and iOS, you can tap on the 3-dot overflow menu next to the videos.

Do note that this won’t apply to YouTube Shorts.

You can easily drag the videos to rearrange them in the queue. 

The feature will be tested on YouTube for Android and iOS until January 28 and will soon roll out after that.