YouTube will put you in timeout

The spam menace in YouTube comments hasn’t spared even some big creators 

Creator impersonation and sending out junk comments aren’t new to YouTube 

YouTube is thankfully doubling down on its efforts to combat comment spam with better automated tools 

Back in July, YouTube released a couple of band-aid solutions to immediately address user concerns.

For instance, it restricted some Unicode characters from being used in channel names — a spammer-favorite trick. 

But these solutions couldn’t do much against the many spammy comments that go live on YouTube 

However, YouTube’s new warning system is a more deterrent tool that will keep repeat offenders in check. 

Additionally, such accounts may even be put in timeout for 24 hours, during which they cannot post any comments. 

There will be an option to send feedback when you receive a warning if you think it was sent in error. 

Right now, these comment moderation tools only work for comments written in English.