Gautam Kalal, a self-taught and passionate creative communication professional with over 20 years of experiences in UI & UX  Design, Creative Art Direction, Advertising, Branding and Marketing Communication who has handled both domestic and international clients, and successfully executed more than 1000 small and mid-size projects.

After working with various organizations, Gautam has set up his own digital communication consultancy and mentorship programme. 

He is now conducting various online trainings on UI Design,  Digital Marketing & E-Commerce and provides mentorship and hand-holds you to enable participants of his course to start earning money immediately after completing the course. 

Gautam has trained and mentor more than 5000+ students and business owners at various corporate and institution like BNI, Ganpat, University and in various private trainings online and offline events. 

How Gautam’s coaching on UI Design, Digital Marketing is different from others:

  • A participant-centric approach of mentorship and hand-holding 
  • Enables participants to create consumer and business values
  • Guides participants to use omnichannel for creating multiple touch points for customers
  • Helps participants to innovate fast, stay ahead in the emerged ecosystem
  • Design principles for achieving transformational growth
  • Highlights reimagining digital marketing in the new normal or next normal era
  • Trains digital marketing in a privacy-first world