How to Sell Any Product without Selling it

You would agree that no one wants to see or hear any kinds of sales and marketing related words for an example: Hurry up! Limited Offer, Stock Limited.. Offer Expiring today! etc.

These words sounds really fake. Unfortunately most marketing expert use it as a standard practice.

There are various methods to sell any product but this is one the best sales strategy which I use and recommend to my all the students.

Let’s say: 

1. I wanted to sell a product called “Fishing Spinning Rod” 

2. I went to the market and told everyone about my product “Fishing Spinning Rod”.  But I look like just another seller for “Fishing Spinning Rod” .

3. So no one was interested in purchasing from me…. reason may be lack of trust, brand, etc..

4. The real problem was  – how to be different and sell the same product “Fishing Spinning Rod” in a unique way and compete with others.

Here is the solution: 

5. I again went to the market and reach-out to a lot of people and I started teaching and guiding people about “How to hunt the Fish from any River or Pond”where I smartly recommended the same product as a tool “Fishing Spinning Rod” and most of them end up buying it.

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