Promote business and generate leads with MMS & SMS FREE

Today, I have cool gift and piece of techy information to share with you all!

I am going to share some facts about short mobile messaging services and there is a special FREE gift for you!

Now days SMS has been an important role for various businesses, and no matter weather you have an online business or offline business.

I guess you would agree with me that use of SMS such as verifying and confirm the order and customer by OTP most use when you purchase anything online or doing mobile banking.

SMS ensures authenticity and confirmation of transaction no matter transaction amount is just Rs. 10 or Rs. I00000. SMS makes it safe and secure.

There are 3 categories of short messaging services (SMS) you might have heard so far.

  1. Promotional SMS
  2. Transactional SMS
  3. MMS (its outdated, many people didn’t know or used it yet)

I guess rarely people have used MMS but not sure, you might have used or heard about the MMS few years ago.

Let me tell YOU a fact about MMS. It is AGAIN STARTED.

Yes! MMS is back once again, this time MMS mainly for branding purpose, where you leverage on your brand to get sales and quality business leads etc.

It has been linked to KYC (Know your customer) data directly, so that it allows you to target right people based on location, profession, age group, gender etc.,

That’s why gives an amazing result; I have tried and tested with many branding campaigns. If you wish you try MMS for your brand or product branding then contact at [email protected]


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